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Top 3 Home Builders in Saskatoon

Saskatoon has spoken and rated the top 3 Saskatoon Homes Builders for 2018. Delonix Homes tops this list for the 3rd consecutive year. It’s an honour to be recognized by the City of Saskatoon with this elite level of accreditation. Focusing on our customers first and building homes that are unmatched in quality is what we are all about.

Best Home builders in SaskatoonBest Home builders in SaskatoonBest Home builders in Saskatoon

There’s a huge difference between a house and a home. We build exceptional homes, where our clients build memories and live the enhanced lifestyle they’ve always craved.

We listen, provide a focused, personalized approach to our clients, tossing out the boring cookie-cutter model of home construction. Building exceptional homes, putting the dreams of our clients first, has resulted in a 97% customer approval rating. Every one of our homes is one of a kind, so you know you truly have the personalized home of your dreams. While 85% of people believe a custom home will stretch budgets putting their dreams out of reach, our team of professionals, consistently proves that a fully personalized home can become a reality. It’s like how a limo driver escorts you to your perfect evening out… but for your home. Our homes are backed with the endorsement of Canada’s most trusted home builder, Mike Holmes, as wells as earning multiple local and national awards.

It’s our passion, working with great people, building exceptional homes. When can we meet to start drafting the details of your dream home?

Delonix Homes opens

Holmes-Approved showhome

The entrance at Delonix Homes’ newest show home in Evergreen is framed by elegant ceramic tile flooring and topped by a beautiful chandelier in black to draw the eye upward.

In addition to boasting tons of room, the master bedroom at 142 Boykowich Bend also features a gorgeous tray ceiling, upgraded light fixture, and large walk-in closet with custom built-in shelves and rods.

In meeting anyone for the first time you always want to put your best foot forward. Delonix Homes has done exactly that in the entrance of their newest show home located at 142 Boykowich Bend in Evergreen.

The entrance is framed by elegant ceramic tile flooring, a two-storey feature wall with wood accents, and topped by a beautiful chandelier in black to draw the eye upward.

“The key feature on this home was to really create a timeless ‘wow’ factor when you walked in,” says Delonix Homes president Daryl Shannon.

A powder room just off the entrance gets a bit of spunk from wood accents on the wall and a hexagonal patterned tile floor with pedestal sink. Shannon says the goal is to add a little “personality” to every powder room.

At 1680 square feet over two floors, this home is appointed with all of the features buyers are looking for — tiled front entrance, open concept living area, oversized island, fireplace, tile backsplash, and a generous owners’ suite. But it’s what the buyer can’t necessary see or notice that brings Shannon the most satisfaction.

Recently, the company became part of the Holmes Approved Homes program. The process is extensive and requires comprehensive two-hour inspections by a group from Mike Holmes’ team.

“They are totally 100 per cent devoted to the quality of the build and that’s what really interested us,” says Shannon. “Not only do we get our product scrutinized by Mike Holmes’, but we are able to better ourselves as a builder. That is an exceptional value for someone looking for a new house.”

Earlier this year the company also took home four awards from the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association Bridges Awards.

The kitchen features modern cabinets in white and black, and the pantry is outfitted with custom sturdy shelving to accommodate the heaviest mixers, not to mention a full high-end Whirlpool appliance package.

The living space is punctuated by a fireplace with a stunning four-inch maple mantle, again demonstrating a timeless elegance.

Upstairs the roomy master bedroom offers plenty of light and a pampering ensuite with two sinks, a make up counter, and large shower.

The idea for the ensuite came from feedback they noticed from survey results published by Avid Ratings. It appeared most buyers weren’t too interested in a tub in the master ensuite. As a result, the company has opted for showers only in the ensuite, leaving more room for storage, an extra sink or as in this show home, a makeup table.




Recently we were provided with some information from Radoncare, a company that deals directly with everything Radon, to provide a bit of information that is well worth the read. It talks about the facts, and why you should be aware of this carcinogenic which is actually the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers in North America. Lets take a look at what this is all about. At the end Radoncare has some contact details if you would like more info.

Radon is a naturally occurring soil gas and the leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers in Canada and the United States. It’s not new, specific to this area

or to new homes. While it has been known for over 100 years that radon gas exposure increases the risk of lung cancer, it is only recently that the possible risk in residential homes has been noted as cause for alarm. Carcinogenic soil gas can be found in ANY home regardless of type/quality/or age of construction. Radon is everywhere and therefore radon exposure happens everywhere, from inside a residential or commercial building to outdoors at a park. While no one can make a building radon free, the average concentration, and therefore the risk from radon can be managed. Think of it like applying sunscreen. Most people wouldn’t think twice about walking from their house to their car without first applying sunscreen. If these same people were planning a  rip to the beach they would likely apply sunscreen to protect themselves against UV rays while playing in the sand. Radon exposure is cumulative and works very much the same. While short term exposure to even relatively high levels may pose little overall health risk, long term exposure to high levels can drastically increase cancer risks. Since most people spend the majority of their time in their homes, long term exposure to even moderately elevated radon levels can have dire long term affects on your health. Why wasn’t this included with my new-build? Your builder has taken every precaution to reduce the risk of radon gas entry as is possible before home possession including:
• Sealing building envelope as well as slab (basement floor)
• Air Barrier underneath the slab
• Radon rough-in system to make mitigation simple and efficient should it be deemed necessary
Despite all precautions, radon accumulation is still a possibility, which is why a rough in for a mitigation system has already been installed. Should your home be one in eight Alberta homes with high radon levels, much of the work to remediate has already been done.

Your home already has the necessary components to begin installation of a radon mitigation system – should it be required – all that remains to be done to determine your risk is to gauge your home’s radon levels with a professional grade radon test.
How do I test?
Testing is simple and inexpensive. A test kit (available for only $30 after your 25% builders’ discount) is placed in your home for 3 months or more and then sent to a lab for analysis. The test kit can be installed in less than 10 minutes and includes easy to follow instructions, installation kit and a return envelope for shipping. Why wasn’t my home tested before I took possession? Many factors affect the levels of radon present in your home including, but not limited to,
• The type of soil beneath the home,
• The climate
• Lifestyle trends (temperature home is kept at, local weather, wind, if windows are kept open or closed)
Long term radon tests (recognized by Health Canada as 3 months or longer) are the only reliable methods of determining your home’s average radon level. The rigorous schedule of new home construction simply do not permit such a level of testing. As current estimates place 1 in 8 homes as being above the Health Canada guideline for exposure limit, installing a mitigation system in every new home would drive up the average power consumption needlessly. Radon mitigation systems can use as much as $14 in utility cost/per month in each home. With all the precautions taken in the construction of your home, new builds on average incur significantly less cost associated with utility usage. Your new home was built in all regards to be as energy efficient as possible, benefiting your pocket book and conserving energy for the environment. A RadonCare professional will contact you to discuss your test results confidentially and at no obligation to you, and if needed recommend solutions to reduce radon levels to well below Heath Canada risk guidelines. Although each home is different in respect to radon remediation plans, typical systems will make use of the radon pipe rough-in which has been pre-installed in your home by your builder. By connecting a radon fan system to the rough-in we create a very slight negative pressure
underneath the concrete slab to draw dangerous soil gas outside of your home. Radon can enter the home through floor drains and naturally occurring cracks in the foundation due to settling or shifting. What happens if I need a system? Who do I call if I have more questions? We are RadonCare, a C-NRPP certified, team of radon professionals, with years of experience in ventilation, a background of science and cancer research and built on a platform of superior customer service. We work with your builder to make sure all new homes are built to the highest standard, and free from health hazards caused by radon gas. Our team of professionals are available to answer any outstanding questions or concerns, facilitating ease of testing and radon remediation when required.

Thanks to Radoncare for making this information available for us and our clients.

For more information contact Radoncare at

or call 1-844-723-6622


Professional Service in Home construction… what it means to our customers and how it helps build quality relationships and a reputable standard in residential home construction.

2 weeks ago the Canadian Home Builders Association and Saskatoon Home Builders association held their annual awards gala to recognize companies and projects that proved the highest level of building and business practices in the industry. Winning any single Bridges Award is the pinnacle of any award a home builder can win in the residential building industry.  Delonix Homes was the proud recipient of 4 of these prestigious awards this year. One of these awards was for Professional Service, and is a very important award. Building an award winning home and gaining recognition for this is a feat on its own. Operating a business with all the attributes which set the highest standards is another feat in itself. This is what we think is important to create a company that sets the standard for Professional Service. 

Establishing a clear and defined objective to service, our customers needs were the foundation which we built our companies subconscious. This in turn funnels through all areas of our company activities, and becomes habit and part of our company make up. Delonix Homes looked at 3 factors which are ultimately vital to our legacy, and success as a business. Customers First, Highest Building Practices, and positively impacting our Communities all laid the ground work in building our Professional Service.

Lets be honest ~ Really… what does “Professional” mean? Its simple, its the highest standard, and it’s being qualified. Being a professional and providing professional service is the absolute highest standard of everything, all combined into ones occupation. It’s knowledge, it’s service and it’s an unwavering approach to the highest standards across the board. It’s simply what customers want. When your car breaks down ~ if you had the choice, naturally, one would have the best possible person and company fix it. It would be done in a timely manner, with the highest quality parts and the whole experience would be more than satisfying. Same as if medical attention was needed.  You would want the best and most knowledgeable doctors, with the latest technology and kindest bedside manor, take care of you. All of these points are what we know our clients want when dealing with companies in the residential home building industry. Everyone really does want the best, if they had the choice. Professional Service must encapsulate every facet of what a company/individual does, and we understand that. That’s why Delonix Homes was the proud recipient of this years Professional Service Award. And we’re ecstatic that we can share this with each and every one of our customers.  


26th Annual Bridges Awards recognize Saskatoon’s best Home Builders and Home Renovations contractors.

Members of Saskatoon’s residential construction industry took time to reflect on their achievements of the past year, gathering at TCU Place on Feb. 10 for the 26th annual Bridges Awards, presented by the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association (SRHBA).

Eric DenOuden, president of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, travelled to Saskatoon for the gala event. He reminded the audience of the residential construction industry’s vital importance to the national and provincial economies. “In 2016, our industry supported over one million jobs across Canada. That’s way more than sectors like oil and gas, forestry, mining, or the automotive manufacturing sector. It’s huge,” said DenOuden.

Participation and attendance at this year’s Bridges Awards broke recent records, said Chris Guérette, CEO of the SRHBA. The association received the highest ever number of award submissions, reflecting the strong engagement of its builder members.“Right here in Saskatoon, residential construction supported 5,800 jobs directly or indirectly. This generated some $355 million in wages and over $1.5 billion in economic activity.”

“It’s great to see SRHBA members so engaged and to see all of the really incredible projects that they’ve worked on over the past year. It’s easy to feel a little unsure about growth and the housing market in Saskatoon given some of the articles and news stories that tend to come out, but the incredible number of submissions that came in, and the quality of them all, is proof that the industry is as engaged, productive and innovative as ever,” said Guérette.

Presiding over this year’s Bridges Awards was master of ceremonies Collin Pullar, president of the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association. His entertaining delivery included safety-themed messages.A new judging process was implemented for this year’s Bridges Awards, with industry experts recruited from across Canada to review submissions. “We did this for a few reasons. First, we are always looking to make improvements to the Bridges Awards and often use the CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence as a benchmark. Recruiting judges this way aligns us more closely with the process for the National Awards and the other top housing awards across the country. It also allowed us to recruit the top experts in the field people who have been in the building industry for decades, and people who previously judged some of the other top housing awards in Canada — without having to worry about existing relationships in our relatively small community,” said Guérette.


North Ridge Development Corporation was the big winner at this year’s Bridges Awards, taking home 11 awards, including the prized Builder of the Year Award for an unprecedented third year in a row. In his acceptance speech, North Ridge vice-president of operations Errol Fisher attributed the company’s success to the exacting standards established and adhered to by co-founder Wally Mah.

Delonix Homes was named Renovator of the Year, one of four crystal statues accepted by owner Daryl Shannon. The company also won one of two new Bridges Awards presented this year, for Environmental Stewardship. The second new award, for Safety Stewardship, went to North Ridge Renovations. Delonix Homes also won the coveted Professional Service Award and Kitchen Renovation of the Year.

Delonix Homes was named Renovator of the Year at the 26th annual Bridges Awards, presented by the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association on Feb. 10 at TCU Place. Delonix also won the Environmental Stewardship Award. Pictured (L-R) are Michael Poth, Martin Kapiszka and Daryl Shannon of Delonix Homes. (Photo: Heather Fritz) SASWP



Haven Builders took home the Best Design Award for the “polished industrial” $1.3 million home designed and constructed in Greenbryre Estates for the Fall 2017 Hospital Home Lottery.

Two companies who submitted entries into the Bridges Awards for the very first time came away with winners. Miller Contracting won for Best Production Home (Over 1,300 Sq. Ft) and On The Mark Homes received the Best Custom Home (1,500 — 2,200 Sq. Ft) Award.

The 400-plus people in attendance rose to their feet to offer standing ovations for the two individuals receiving this year’s Ambassador Awards. Russell Walsh of Superior Cabinets and Joe Ehr of Ehrenburg Homes, both long-standing members of the SRHBA, were recognized for their decades of service to the community and the residential construction industry in Saskatoon.

Guérette praised all the Bridges Awards finalists and winners for their outstanding professionalism and commitment to excellence, describing them as the “best of the best.”

By joining the SRHBA, companies hold themselves to the highest levels of quality. “They’re required to adhere to a code of ethics, and to conduct business with the utmost professionalism, go through all the proper channels, have the proper safety training and insurance,” said Guérette.

“With the Bridges Awards winners, you’re seeing the companies who managed to stand out in that pool of already impressive applicants. Seeing that Bridges Award winner badge on a company’s billboard or website tells you that not only has that company chosen to demonstrate their professionalism by belonging to the association, they’ve also done such incredible work in the past year that they rose to the top even when being compared to the best builders and renovators in Saskatoon. That’s something that should give people a lot of confidence.”


Excellence in Saskatoon’s Housing Industry

Delonix Homes has always had a vision of leading the home building industry in every facet of our business operations. From the best customer service, to the highest levels of building quality we have had the idea that size doesn’t matter. We often get compared to the larger companies, but to us it’s all about our customers, presenting the absolute best quality and operating our business to positively impact our communities and customers lives. We had an amazing weekend being recognized for some very prestigious awards. Take a read through this post from the SRHBA news release and see where Delonix Homes cam out as the very best.

Professional Service Award

Kitchen Renovation of the Year Award

Environmental Stewardship Award

And the highest and most coveted renovation award in all of the Saskatoon and region area… overall

Renovator of the Year Award


Saskatoon, SK (February 10, 2018) – The Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association presented the 26th Annual Bridges Awards at TCU Place on February 10, 2018. The Bridges Awards celebrate the achievements of SRHBA Members that continue to advance the goals of the residential construction industry and offer quality, affordability and choice in housing to consumers in the Saskatoon Region. Because each company who submits is competing against businesses who have already chosen to hold themselves to the highest levels of quality and professionalism, this is a best-of-the-best competition, and winners can be confident that they’ve set themselves apart to both consumers and their peers with truly excellent work. Awards were given out in a variety of categories including new home building, renovation and design, marketing, and service and innovation to the industry.

Some highlights of the evening include North Ridge Development Corporation winning “Builder of the Year” for an unprecedented 3rd year in a row, and Delonix Homes celebrating a win as “Renovator of the Year” for the 2nd time in 4 years. Other highlights include two members of the community being honoured with Ambassador Awards for their extensive contributions to the residential construction industry and to the Saskatoon & Region community as a whole. Joe Ehr was recognized for being an outstanding contributor to the industry with his company Ehrenburg Homes, who are celebrating their 35th Anniversary this Wednesday, February 14th. Also receiving an Ambassador Award was Russell Walsh of Superior Cabinets, who for over 30 years has been a pioneer and dedicated contributor to the industry.



Community Service Award

North Ridge Development Corporation

Customer Service Award

Linda Buekert – Ehrenburg Homes

Environmental Stewardship Award

Delonix Homes

Environmental Leadership in Housing

North Ridge Development Corporation

Innovation of the Year

North Ridge Development Corporation

New Home Sales Person of the Year

Lynn Robison – Daytona Homes

Professional Service Award

Delonix Homes

 Safety Stewardship Award

North Ridge Renovations

Safety Leadership in Housing

North Ridge Development Corporation


Best Brochure/Kit

North Ridge Development Corporation

Best Digital Media Campaign

Daytona Homes

 Best Print Ad

North Ridge Development Corporation


Best Custom Home Under 1500

Maison Design + Build

Best Custom Home Between 1500 – 2200 sq ft

On The Mark Homes

Best Custom Home Over 2200 sq ft

Decora Homes Ltd.

Best Production Home Under 1300 sq ft

Homes by Dream

Best Production Home Over 1300 sq ft

Miller Contracting Ltd.

Best Production Home w/ Secondary Suite

North Prairie Developments

Best Apartment Style Project

North Ridge Development Corporation

Best Townhouse Project (Under 50 Units)

Boychuk Construction Corp

Best Townhouse Project (Over 50 Units)

North Ridge Development Corporation


Best Design Award

Haven Builders

Best Landscape Project Award

Decora Homes Ltd.

Interior Decorating Award

Decora Homes Ltd.

Kitchen Renovation of the Year

Delonix Homes

Whole House Renovation of the Year

Fresco Interiors Design Group

Any Room Renovation of the Year

Fresco Interiors Design Group


Ambassador of the Year

Russell Walsh – Superior Cabinets

Ambassador of the Year

Joe Ehr – Ehrenburg Homes

Customer Choice Awards – Small Volume Builder

Decora Homes Ltd.

Customer Choice Awards – Medium Volume Builder

Westridge Homes

Customer Choice Awards – Large Volume Builder

Warman Homes

Customer Choice Awards – Multi-Family Builder

North Ridge Development Corporation

Renovator of the Year

Delonix Homes

Home Builder of the Year

North Ridge Development Corporation


We listen to you:

Building homes for families and individuals alike is a massive undertaking both for the builder and the home owner. It’s not like going out and buying a new car, TV or piece of clothing. Your home is a place where families are raised, memories are made and relationships are built. It’s a small piece of a network within your community. It’s a huge consideration. Delonix Homes is more than just a builder, because we understand these considerations. The decision making process can be challenging but we make it fun and simple. Each and every one of our homes is built with the focus on our customers and overall build quality.

The Delonix team starts with a unique, more personalized approach when building your new home. It’s something that we take very seriously because we understand that this is Your New Home. This is our first step… We listen. This is your home. Let’s face it, there are hundreds of builders and thousands of home designs. We want to know, what’s important to YOU. We’re here to provide a great product and show our customers the premium value, when working together with Delonix Homes. We do it a bit different ~ with our customer first approach, and industry leading build quality, why wouldn’t you want to explore the possibilities of working with Delonix Homes. The Delonix Difference is part of why we are both regionally and nationally recognized for building excellence, customer service and why we have become a multi award winning home building company.

Take a listen to this short video and put a face to the name of Delonix.



This is Saskatoon’s best of the best in the residential home building industry.

Excellence in Saskatoon’s Housing Industry

Finalists for 26th Annual Bridges Awards


Saskatoon, SK (January 9, 2018) – The Saskatoon & Region Home Builders’ Association is pleased to announce this year’s finalists for the 26th Annual Bridges Awards. The Bridges Awards celebrate the achievements of SRHBA Members that continue to advance the goals of the residential construction industry and offer quality, affordability and choice in housing to consumers in the Saskatoon Region. Because each company who submits is competing against businesses who have already chosen to hold themselves to the highest levels of quality and professionalism, this is a best-of-the-best competition, and finalists can be confident that they’ve set themselves apart to both consumers and their peers with truly excellent work.

The winners of awards in the categories below, along with Sales Achievement, Customer Choice, and Ambassador Awards, will be presented at the 26th Annual Bridges Awards Gala on February 10th, 2018 at TCU Place.

Finalists include:

New Home Awards

  • Arbutus Properties
  • Baydo Development Corporation
  • Boychuk Construction Corp
  • Decora Homes Ltd.
  • Delonix Homes
  • Ehrenburg Homes
  • Haven Builders
  • Homes by Dream
  • Innovative Residential Inc.
  • Lexis Homes
  • Maison Design + Build
  • Miller Contracting Ltd.
  • North Prairie Developments
  • North Ridge Development Corporation
  • On The Mark Homes
  • Riverbend Developments Ltd.

Marketing Awards

  • All Weather Windows
  • Arbutus Properties
  • Daytona Homes
  • Innovative Residential Inc.
  • North Ridge Development Corporation
  • One Touch Automation Inc.


Renovation & Design Awards

  • Arbutus Properties
  • Decora Homes Ltd.
  • Delonix Homes
  • Ehrenburg Homes
  • Fresco Interiors Design Group
  • Haven Builders
  • Majestic Cabinets
  • North Prairie Developments
  • North Ridge Development Corporation
  • North Ridge Renovations
  • Superior Cabinets
  • Tait Kitchen Centre

Industry Awards

  • All Weather Windows
  • Baydo Development Corporation
  • Boychuk Construction Corp
  • Daytona Homes
  • Delonix Homes
  • Ehrenburg Homes
  • Montana Homes
  • Moskowitz Capital
  • North Ridge Development Corporation
  • North Ridge Renovation

We are very humbled to once again be part of such an elite group of home builders. All the best to everyone nominated.


Delonix Homes has available, 2 exceptional new homes in Saskatoons Evergreen neighbourhood. 

When it cones to looking for a new home in Saskatoon, there are many options. Delonix Homes makes the decision process easier for you. We have 2 exceptional New Homes available in Evergreen. 
The Salix: This stunning new 1686 sa.ft. 2 story home boasts all high end finishings from Quartz counters and soft close cabinets throughout, to a well planned floor space with an open concept focused on family life. The Salix design was loosely based on our Spruce design with several key components which add a more regal feel to the home. The first feature which really stands out is the open foyer. This is a forward thinking design concept, which draws attention to a “Welcome Home” feel, the moment you step foot in the front door. Other areas which were add were a full size walk-in closet with ample room for both him and her. The master suite leaves nothing to be desired with coffered ceilings and feature lighting and an ensuite that is sure to impress. Both his and hers cabinets and counter space coupled with a make-up area for her is a wise use of space. Other key note areas in The Salix design are
  1. Spacious locker room and laundry space on the main floor 
  2. Open yet covered living space in the back of the home
  3. Large 2nd and 3rd bedrooms with large closets
  4. Ample storage by way of larger closes, pantry and linen/broom closets
  5. Designer bathrooms with hing end flooring and feature tile work
  6. High end cabinetry throughout with Quarts counters and soft close doors and drawers

Contact us for more details, and your private showing of this stunning example of a custom home in Saskatoon

Trade Journey



Delonix Homes ~ Excited to be a supporter and help make a difference in our industry and community.

Delonix Homes is a proven leader in New Home building in Saskatoon. However, building great homes and running a sustainable and successful business isn’t enough, giving back to our community and ensuring a legacy which will span generations is vitally important as well. Our industry is in dire need off Skilled Trades people. To Delonix this means ALL people, and we’re very excited to be a supporter of the YWCA and Trade Journey. This program, directed by the YWCA, is focused specifically for women, and is a pre-trades program that prepares women for success in a trade of their choice. It’s a staggering statistic where women make up only 2-4% of trades people. This needs to change and Delonix Homes is proud to play a small part in improving these numbers. 

Read a bit more below on Trade Journey:

If you’re an employer that may be interested in getting involved:

Please contact us at to get involved or call ( 306) 244-7034 Ext 154.

If you’re an individual interested in joining a new and exciting carear or simply have questions about Trade Journey:

Please contact YWCA Saskatoon at 306-244-7034 (ext.154) or email:

YWCA Trade Journey stands out from other trades programs. It was designed as a training program specifically for women who were interested in entering the construction trades, and interested in advancing. Over the last three years, we have built Trade Journey into a success story for workers and employers.

Trade Journey has a proven track record of identifying hardworking individuals with great potential, and preparing them with the right skills and credentials to be a good fit for the construction crews where they now work.

The Trade Journey system uses:

  • Recruitment of potential workers from Saskatoon and area
  • Information sessions for candidates about the realities of construction work
  • Screening to meet employers’ requirements
  • Evaluation of candidates for work readiness, work ethic, physical capability
  • Interviewing and selection of only the top 15 candidates

The top candidates accepted into Trade Journey get experience in various trades, skills training, fitness training, safety certifications, PPE, and hand tools. Then they work in a three-week placement as construction labourers.

Trade Journey

It can be pretty intimidating for a woman to enter the trades because of the underrepresentation of females in industries like construction, carpentry, plumbing and the electrical trade. That’s where YWCA Saskatoon’s Trade Journey comes in. We are a pre-trades program that prepares women for success in their trade of choice.

Are you… looking for a change?

Are you… ready to start your dream career?

Are you… interested in starting a career in the construction trades industry?

Are you… a positive, hardworking woman who enjoys learning and new challenges?

…. Then the YWCA’s Trade Journey is for you!

Trade Journey is a 3 phase program:

Phase I – Pre-trades and Employment Preparation – 16 weeks

  • Skills training
    • The skills training portion of the program is done in a classroom setting. The Trades training portion will be at SK Polytechnic, Saskatoon Campus.
  • Safety training
    • Trade Journey will provide you with the relevant training to obtain safety certifications required by most companies – i.e. : First Aid, WHIMIS, etc.
  • Fitness training
    • We provide participants with the opportunity to work on their physical fitness in preparation for entering their new career.
  • Experience working in trades
    • Participants are given basic training in Carpentry, plumbing, and electrical Trades.
  • 3-week work placement as construction labourers with industry employers
  • Soft skill training
    • We want all participants to feel empowered and confident in their abilities and we work on exercises to increase self esteem and provide support in preparing to take on a new challenge.

Phase II – Job Search and Job Maintenance

  • Job search and job retention supports
  • Employer contacts and interview preparation
  • Professional development opportunities

Phase III – Apprenticeship Supports

  • On-going supports as you work towards your apprenticeship
  • Job search and job retention supports
  • Professional development opportunities