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The 4-D Process

Delonix Homes is a young, innovated and committed Saskatoon home builder. We keep it simple and focus on you, our customers.


Dream – Design – Diligence – Deliver



Having that initial consultation to discuss your “Dream” is essential: your specific needs, ideas, budget and timeline are some of the topics we will cover. At this time, we explain the “Design” process and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Design: (There are a few steps to the design phase)


We will coordinate with our design team a home that is exactly what you envision and more. In your consultation with us, we consider everything – your lifestyle requirements, your family’s wish list, your neighborhood and, of course, your budget. This is where our “personalized” build approach starts to come to life. We begin drafting designs, working closely with you to ensure they fulfill all aspects of your “DREAMS”.


When you’re 100 per cent happy with the look and design of your new home, we will provide a detailed construction price, tailoring the specifications so that everything is precisely as you want it. Allowances will be allotted and specifications laid out. We will then guide you through the contractual procedures in a timely manner. Our team will be your personal liaison throughout the build. An offer to purchase is drafted at this stage and a deposit is given. Once financing has been approved the remaining deposit is provided totaling a percentage of the total purchase price.


With your design agreed, we take care of all the contract documents and commence by obtaining all the required permits, architectural requirements and submit the plans to the municipal authority for planning approval.



A huge part of the excitement and fun of building a custom home is actually seeing your “Dreams” come to life. Through the process of building there are several stages where building authorities will inspect the progress. Because your home will be covered by our Home warranty program there will be additional inspections completed. We will also be happy to set up arranged site visits so you will be able to view and walk through the home and see the progress yourself. You’ll have direct access to us throughout the process and we’ll keep you up to date with our progress at each step of the way so there are no surprises


For the most part many of the finishings have been selected by this time, however this is when we turn our attention to the interior design of your home – this is where the fun really begins and your new custom built home starts taking shape. Our design team will work closely with you, taking time to explain all of the elements you need to consider – from all the interior colour selections right down to all of the finishes.



Construction is often the most exciting aspect of home building and the finishing touches are what brings it all together. However, nothing can trump moving into your new home. Once occupation has been approved and a deficiencies walk through has been completed we hand over the keys to your new home. This is not where the process wraps up. Post purchase care is huge, and education on the systems of your home is an essential part of the enjoyment and getting the most from your home. We will contact each home owner nearing 1 years time, and complete an additional warranty walk through. Standing behind our product is very important to us. We are confident that our hands-on approach ensures that you have a satisfying home building experience.