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Delonix Homes is a Saskatoon Home Builder. Take a quick look at what makes Delonix

Saskatoon's #1 selection for Custom Homes and Elite Home Renovations...

Delonix Homes is a Saskatoon Home Builder focused on our clients needs. 

There's a huge difference between a house and a home. We build exceptional homes, where our clients build memories and live the enhanced lifestyle they've always craved.

We listen, provide a focused, personalized approach to our clients, tossing out the boring cookie-cutter model of home construction. Building exceptional homes, putting the dreams of our clients first, has resulted in a 97% customer approval rating. Every one of our homes is one of a kind, so you know you truly have the personalized home of your dreams. While 85% of people believe a custom home will stretch budgets putting their dreams out of reach, our team of professionals, consistently proves that a fully personalized home can become a reality. It's like how a limo driver escorts you to your perfect evening out... but for your home.  Our homes are backed with the endorsement of Canada's most trusted home builder, Mike Holmes, as wells as earning multiple local and national awards. It's our passion, working with great people, building exceptional homes. When can we meet to start drafting the details of your dream home?

 Best Home builders in Saskatoon Best Home builders in Saskatoon Best Home builders in Saskatoon

Winning the coveted Bridges Awards in 4 prestigious categories, Delonix Homes goes above and beyond in every aspect of your home building experience.

~ 2018 ~

Professional Service Award - Winner ~ Best Custom Home - finalist ~ Overall Renovator of the Year Award - Winner

Kitchen Renovation of the Year - Winner ~ Environmental Stewardship Award - Winner

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1326 Steves Ave. - Kensington

Your home builder in Saskatoon. Committed to the highest building standards and customer satisfaction. Take a walk through The Spruce to see the Delonix Difference.                                                            

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“4-D” Delonix process

Our approach to each and every home, whether Pre-built or Custom, is the same. We use our simple 4-D process:

  • Dream - Design - Diligence - Deliver